The dynamic MG HS is a smart and practical SUV that exudes charm and capability, letting you experience life like never before. It is about so much more than just getting from A to B. Style, safety, space, and most importantly fun is what MG is about. To understand the car fully, you must know about all of the features and modes it has to offer. As well as keeping a thorough check on maintenance. Here is where we want you to learn a bit more to make the best use out of your MG and truly “Fuel Your Desire” The MG HS offers 5 modes - Eco, Normal, Sport, Custom and an additional Super Sport mode that is just a press away. For a user, it is best to know the modes in and out. The better you know your car, the better will be the output.

Eco Mode

MG HS has a DCT gearbox inside, meaning it can really put the power down. In Eco Mode, the vehicle is in a low energy state for eco-driving. Many modern cars have an eco-mode setting to improve the vehicle's fuel economy. While it's on, the engine reduces its power output, so it doesn't work as hard, and the gas pedals become less responsive. The reduction in power leads the car to accelerate more slowly. Automotive experts do not recommend using eco mode when you're on a highway, driving on difficult roads, or when the weather conditions are poor. You may use Eco Mode when you are stuck in traffic

Normal Mode

Usually the default, Normal mode provides balanced settings for everyday driving and is skewed toward comfort and refinement. The power steering will have a lot of assistance and the suspension is left in a comfortable setting. The Normal Mode is generally preferred in all situations.

Sport Mode

In this mode, you can drop a gear and disappear because it provides the driver with a dynamic driving experience, suitable for a sporty driving style. In Sport mode, the car caters to those who want sporty drive, and it may even disable or hamper some driver aids. The throttle response is sharpened, stiffer suspension settings are used, and an exhaust valve may open for a racier sound You may use Sport Mode for a thrilling driving experience

Super Sports Mode

The car looks quite sporty on the outside, but once you press the throttle more enthusiastically, you realize that it makes a frankly joyous sound. The sound that the HS makes gets even more pronounced when you press the red button on the steering wheel, dubbed the “Super Sport”. With this, you get the experience of the 1.5 turbo engine and the robust raw power of internal combustion. This gives you a temporary increase in boost and power. Just amazing.

Custom Mode

After selecting Custom mode, the driver can personalize some systems on the infotainment display when the vehicle is stationary. Custom Mode allows you to manually set your MG's throttle, steering, and transmission responses as well as your suspension to suit your needs. MG allows you to save a combination of your favorite drive-mode settings to a Custom setting and use that combination when hitting a certain button. These settings can also be saved. Win-win!

Normal Mode Eco Mode Sports Mode Super Sport Mode Custom Mode
For everyday driving
When you’re stuck in traffic
When you’re on the motorway/highway
To unleash full power and experience a sporty ambiance
When you want to personalize the settings